File Explanations

Should always be present

SampleName.hkl - F2 data corrected in SADABS
SampleName.htm - This report
SampleName.p4p - Skeleton file for XPREP
SampleName_merge_none.hkl - Scalepack F2 data (friedels and equivalents kept separate)
SampleName_merge_equivs.hkl - Scalepack F2 data (equivalents merged friedels kept separate)
SampleName_merge_all.hkl - Scalepack F2 data (friedels and equivalents merged) - Zip file containing data to be sent to service users
SampleName_data.cif - CIF file containing reflection data for import into CRYSTALS
SampleName_hkl.jpg - Synthetic precession images for 0kl, h0l & hk0

Present if face index has been carried out

SampleName_dc.hkl - Non corrected data containing direction cosines
SampleName_abs.ins - Standard face index description file

Present if eval has been run

SampleName_a-b.hkl - data from component a only processed through SADABS
SampleName_b-a.hkl - data from component b only processed through SADABS
SampleName_b-a.hklf5 - data from both components in hklf 5 format - no correction applied


SampleName_mulabs.hkl - Mulabs corrected hkl file from autoabs (obsolete)