Sample Originator: Michael B. Hursthouse and Mark E. Light.



Identification Number:10.5258/ecrystals/113
Date Created:26 March 2001
Deposited On:21 Jan 2008 15:29
Deposited By:A.N. Admin

Depositor Comments

The X-ray study of the title compound, C23H26O8, (I), confirmed the endo,exo-furofuranone structure of the important intermediate compound in the process of the total synthesis of (±)-epimagnolin A, which employs a new approach involving a highly diastereoselective C-H insertion reaction [Brown et al. (2001). Tetrahedron Lett. 42, 473-475].

Data collection parameters

Chemical formulaC23 H26 O8
Crystal morphology
Crystal systemMonoclinic
Space group symbolP2(1)/n
Cell length a11.839(2)
Cell length b8.0773(10)
Cell length c22.695(4)
Cell angle alpha90.00
Cell angle beta91.84(3)
Cell angle gamma90.00
Data collection temperature150(2)

Refinement results

Solution figure of merit0.0998
R Factor (Obs)0.0864
R Factor (All)0.2721
Weighted R Factor (Obs)0.2145
Weighted R Factor (All)0.3345

Citation: Hursthouse, Michael B. and Light, Mark E. (2001) University of Southampton, Crystal Structure Report Archive. (doi:10.5258/ecrystals/113)
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